Our Story

The Sisters behind the Whaaatabottle & the children behind the challenge

We are two Sisters who both became mummies in 2012, each having a little boy.

We have since gone on to expand our families and now between us have two step sons and a precious girl.

Ever since our little boys started school, we have struggled to encourage them to stay hydrated and monitor how much water they are drinking throughout the day!

They would often come out of school complaining of a headache, feeling tired, or sluggish and unable to concentrate or just very grumpy! It was never a surprise to find their water bottles were barely touched, highlighting their problem - dehydration!

Not only was encouraging them to drink water a challenge but finding a robust water bottle for them to take to school was just as challenging... we can all relate to the experience of plastic bottles cracking or smashing, falling apart, leaking and flooding the contents of the school bag, lids being lost and straws being chewed.....

It got us thinking, if only there was a water bottle that met all the above challenges and made drinking water fun.... what a bottle this would be!

The Whaaatabottle was created and a positive challenge emerged.